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Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors)
Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors)

Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors)

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The Zumo chassis kit contains the components necessary to build a small, high-performance tracked robot platform that is compact enough to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions. Each side of the chassis has an idler sprocket that spins freely and a drive sprocket that connects to a micro metal gearmotor (not included). The main body is composed of ABS plastic and has sockets for two micro metal gearmotors and a compartment for four AA batteries (not included). The battery compartment terminals protrude through the chassis and can be accessed from the top side. A black acrylic plate is included with the chassis. This plate holds the motors in place and can be used for mounting your electronics, such as your microcontroller, motor drivers, and sensors. Assembly instructions are available in the user’s guide under the resources

Motors (not included)

The Zumo chassis uses two motors, one for each tread. The ideal motors for your robot depend on your desired torque, speed, and current draw, so motors are not included with the chassis. If you have limited ability to supply current, we recommend using lower-power non-HP motors, which have a stall current of 360mA at 6V; if you have the ability to deliver more current, the HP micro metal gearmotors offer more torque and speed for the same gear ratio.

We recommend either 50:1 or 100:1 HP or non-HP motors for use with this chassis, but 30:1 micro metal gearmotors might also work. Note that non-HP 30:1 motors do not offer much torque, so they are not very practical for sumobots, and HP 30:1 motors will make the robot extremely fast and difficult to control. The following table shows theoretical limits based on the motor specifications. Note that the specifications are for 6V operation, while four NiMH AA cells will typically provide less than 5V.

Batteries (not included)

This chassis works with four AA batteries. We recommend using rechargeable AA NiMH cells, which results in a nominal voltage of 4.8V (1.2V per cell). When the batteries are fully charged, they will be well above 5V, and when they are almost spent, they will be well below 5V. As such, you might consider using a step-up/step-down voltage regulator to power your logic, since this will hold your logic voltage steady at 5V, no matter if your battery voltage is above or below 5V. You can also use alkaline cells, which would nominally give you 6V, but that voltage would drop depending on the load.

Basic sumo blade (not included)

We carry a basic stainless steel sumo blade that can be mounted to front of the Zumo chassis. With this blade, the Zumo chassis can push around objects, such as other MiniSumo robots. You can also use the design file for this basic blade as the starting point for a custom sumo blade.


Fully assembled, the Zumo chassis is 98mm wide, 86mm long, and 39mm high, with approximately 5mm of ground clearance.

Since each side is smaller than 10cm, this chassis meets Mini-Sumo size requirements. The front screws used to mount the acrylic plate to the chassis can also be used to mount a front scoop that can extend up to 14mm before exceeding the Mini Sumo limits. The assembled Zumo chassis weighs approximately 210g with motors and batteries.

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