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SMD1NL - SMD Removal Kit - No Lead
SMD1NL - SMD Removal Kit - No Lead

SMD1NL - SMD Removal Kit - No Lead

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Part Number:SMD1NL

Description: The CHIP QUIK SMD Removal Kit is a quick and inexpensive way to remove SMD components from a PCB without a hot air station using only your soldering iron. The heart of the kit is a length of Chipquik low temperature alloy. This alloy is like a solder that melts at temperatures well below that of normal solder (136 F) and stays liquid long enough to melt the existing solder, allowing you time to carefully remove the component.

Simply apply a liberal amount of the included flux to the pins of the chip that you want to remove, then use a soldering iron with a flat-edge tip to heat the pins while applying the low temperature alloy. The alloy will remain liquid for a few seconds while you coat all of the connections, once you’ve coated the pins you should be able to lift the chip free using tweezers or a hemostat. Clean the pads thoroughly and apply fresh solder and you’re ready to solder a new part in place.

Note: Solder wick comes in handy with this kit, so it might be a good idea to have some on hand. Check below if you don’t already have some.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Tube of CHIP QUIK Rework Paste Flux
  • 2.5 ft. of CHIP QUIK Low Temperature Alloy (Removes 8-10 Chips)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads


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