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Silicon Nitride Igniter - 12V
Silicon Nitride Igniter - 12V

Silicon Nitride Igniter - 12V

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Part Number:COM-11694

Description: Everyone likes a (carefully controlled) fire! We've met some very ambitious pyros on our mission of enabling makers to keep making and they all have one thing in common: whether they're building a giant propane puffer or an autonomous potato gun, they all need to light something. Well, this is the right tool for that job.

These silicon nitride surface igniters are used to light natural gas furnaces. Simply apply 12V and they quickly heat up to above 1300°C (that's white hot!) The heating element is cemented into a ceramic insulator and connected to a stainless steel mounting tab. This probably goes without saying but... be careful.


  • Operating Voltage: 12Vdc
  • Max Temp: 1280 - 1400°C
  • Current Consumption: 1.75-2.4A
  • Cold Resistance: 1 - 1.4 Ohms


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