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SiGe GN3S Sampler v3
SiGe GN3S Sampler v3

SiGe GN3S Sampler v3

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Part Number:GPS-10981

Description: The GN3S Sampler v3 is a very interesting high-end research device. Co-developed by the GNSS Lab at the University of Colorado and SiGe, this USB device captures raw GPS data to a binary file on your computer. This device will not tell you a position solution outright like our other GPS modules. Instead, the GN3S Sampler is designed to directly capture the low-level signal data (raw intermediate frequency samples) being delivered by the GPS satellite network and processed by the SiGe radio front end.

Version 3, the latest of the samplers, continues to utilizes the SiGe 4120 GPS ASIC. However, this latest revision has a driver built around the latest libusb which supports Windows 7 as well as Windows XP. It also enables multiple data collection options in terms of bandwidths (wide and narrow, to allow for better capture of the new Galileo E1 O/S signal) and a range of sampling frequencies. Furthermore, whereas earlier versions limited the sampling depth to avoid instability, this version removes any and all data recording limitations. However, a sufficient PC is still required for continuous data logging.

This device is recommended to be used in conjunction with the book : A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver. This excellent book will give you the mathematical fundamentals for software-based GPS as well as the source code on DVD. The included MATLAB source code can be used to crunch the collected data to solve for position. This low level processing gives the user a keen insight into the signal processing of a GPS receiver. The provided algorithms encourage user modification to attempt to improved and design next generation GPS receivers.

Of course, as in earlier versions, all source code (driver, firmware, application) continues to be available.

Note: You will need an external MCX terminated active GPS antenna and miniUSB cable to operate the GN3S Sampler – both are listed below.


  • Fully enclosed RF Front-end
  • Calibrated by manufacturer
  • USB support under Windows (up to Windows 7)
  • miniUSB Connector
  • MCX Antenna Connector


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