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Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter
Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter

Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter

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Part Number:DEV-08245

Description: This is a simple USB serial interface to mate with the Nike+iPod product. Use this breakout board to send and receive serial commands to the receiver and listen for individual foot pods. This will allow easy creation of proximity based projects and running/workout research. VCC (3.3V), ground, and iPod TX and RX are brought out to a standard header so that you can connect this board to a microcontroller.

Don't forget to checkout the original tutorial!

We provide a simple example VB program that demonstrates how to initialize the receiver to listen for all foot pods in range and display the raw data including foot pod IDs. Any receiver can hear any foot pod – they don't have to be mated in any way.

It turns out the foot pod will activate with minimal movement. We really want to attach these to our cats and make an ID controlled cat-door-lock system. 'Are you Carlos? No? You can't come in.'


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